Tea House - Areia Larga - Pico Island - Azores

Mar 2009



Queen Theater

May 2009

Lajes do Pico Theater

May 2009

Escola Secundária de Moura

Sep 2010

Teatro da Caixa Preta

Aug 2011

Urbanização da junqueira

Apr 2010

Family Housing - Quelfes

Jan 2014

Rehabilitation and Expansion of Existing Building

The existing housing uses a project type , you want to be traditional , left on the ground and locked it .
Given the terrain have some size , expansion and reorganization resulting therefrom , are designed to provide greater connection to the outside and enhance the area of the whole territory, the purpose of building the pool, the set is organized around that element, constituting the exterior looks a sheltered courtyard.
Housing, now in L, is almost entirely to the ground/floor level. On this floor is a new entry created by the stairs and the room redone by the scrapping of the nascent wall. New living spaces on two levels, a toilet and a bedroom are created .
This new body that delivers against the ground through the retaining wall , created to house the pool area and separate it from the rest of the land to the upper bound , allows through the courtyard of services (laundry and storage) the connection between the source areas and west of the land and is assumed as fundamental to organize space more intimate or more agricultural , automobile access or garden features , also allows the upper level is increased , creating a new dressing area and a free access to the new terrace.
This initial expansion of typologically different , establishes the requirement for the transformation of existing construction , this requirement is satisfied by either creating a "new skin" in light structure , which will hide the eaves and at the same time qualify the thermal behavior of the building , either by replacing the tile porches in the expansion of the terrace and its connection to the lower level by ladder, characteristic of the region .

Ancient Tower Houses

Jan 2014

Rural Tourism

Shooting the constructed tower Coelheiros the Northeast , the ground area focuses stain built in about half of the lot , adjacent to the street and to the highest volume area. The transformation for rural tourism unit is relatively simple because it utilized the existing typology , with changes in sporadic nature and essentially concentrated in the demolition of some annexes built in the recent past , taking back the clarity and disturb the reading of the whole .
Organized six housing units of variable size , four are of type T1 , equipped with living room with kitchenette, bedroom and toilet, one adapted to accommodate people with disabilities , the T0 , with room equipped with Kitchnette and alcove; finally one of type T2, provided with two bedrooms, two toilets and also equipped with kitchenette room.
The need to equip these units compatible with the required infrastructure and without mischaracterize this specific set , brought the project to consider adding small modules constructed , affixed to the main facade and a different finish (polished wood slats) and flat roofing for a clearer reading intervention that is proposed. By regulatory requirements and quality of service is added in succession over a building and aligning these existing at the northwest edge of the lot, for installation support services, kitchen, pantry, breakfast room and toilet facilities are organized in this area which is also socializing and poolside.
Abroad and within the limits Northeast Land is reserved parking space for six cars, one reserved for persons with reduced mobility.

Convent of S. Francisco

Jan 2014

Project - Three-dimensional images

Long pools of Porto

Jan 2014

Capelo - Açores


Nuno Ribeiro Lopes